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the sexy story is my attempt to make sex a constant conversation, a freeing and wondrous part of our lives. 

let's speak about our loves and passions, our delights, our failures and vulnerable attempts at love, relationships and sex. 

I completed my undergraduate degree in Gender and Sexuality from the University of Melbourne and University of Edinburgh, writing a thesis about eating disorders within a feminist, pop culture and biomedical lens. I have also completed a Masters of Social Work and currently work in a family violence refuge supporting the agency and recovery of women and children. 

Love of my own sexy story began as a deeply sexual adolescent, venturing into the world of casual sex and exploration in my teen years and beyond into an academic study of sex. I have worked in administration and contributed to ethical erotica in Melbourne from 2016. I spend every spare moment writing, reading, and healing. 

This blog is written on the stolen land of Naarm, the home of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. I pay respect to elders past and present, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. In studying, working and living on stolen land, I aim to continually learn how to be a better ally and intersectional feminist that prioritises the voices of Indigenous women and acknowledges that white feminism has played a large role in the continued oppression of POC.

Photo by James Morris (@jamesmmorris_) 

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